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Pattie Boyd NFT Collection

In Partnership with

RR Auction


Pattie boyd's paramount collection ...
depicting george harrison, the beatles
and eric clapton

About The Collection

Welcome to Pattie Boyd: RECOLLECTION the memorabilia collection of British muse, photographer and icon Pattie Boyd.

For the first time, the photographs, audio recordings and personal effects of Pattie, George Harrison and Eric Clapton have been made available digitally via Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology.

This new technology has given Pattie and her loyal audience the opportunity to relive, revive and recollect the swinging 60s and 70s in a new and exciting way that remains true to the heart of collectors.

6 Personal Photographs
48 Digital Assets
Own a part of music history
Pattie Boyd Recollection
Pattie Boyd Recollection

Collection :


6 NFTs, Editions of 1

Digital copies of the original photographs, digitally signed and numbered. Come with an exclusive personal audio memory from Pattie and a physical C-Type print.

The Unique 1/1s will be auctioned at RR Auction in April. Bids available in Fiat currency (USD).


6 NFT Collections, Editions of 1

Each collection is a set of 5 personally selected photographs & artworks. One of the photographs will come with an exclusive audio memory from Pattie.

Collections will be auctioned on Rarible in April. Bids available in Crypto (ETH).


12 NFTs, Editions of 3

The Editions are inspired by the culture of the 1970’s and include the original photographs with eye-catching come-to-life effects and alterations that use modern editing techniques to evoke the past, encapsulating the iconic look and feel of the time period.

The Editions will be available to purchase on Rarible in April. Bids available in Crypto (ETH).

sale details

RECOLLECTION is a two-part NFT Collection.
RR Auction
Part one – the Unique 1/1s NFTs will be auctioned off online at the ‘Marvels of Modern Music’ sale at RR Auction. This  will be an ongoing auction until the sale end date. It will start on the 19th of April and close off on the 19th of May. Bids will be accepted in USD

Please see instructions on how to buy at online auction with RR Auction here

The auction’s last day (or closing day) will be the 19th of May. Closing day rules and details can be found here

Conditions of sale can be found here

Part two – The Editions and Collections will be sold on Rarible – a first-string NFT marketplace. 

The Collections will be auctioned off, the online auction will last for 3 days  starting on the 19th of April and closing off on the 21st of April. Bids will be accepted in Crypto (ETH).

The Editions will be fixed priced and will be first-come, first-serve while the sale lasts or until editions are sold out. The sale will start on the 19th of April. The NFTs will be available to purchase in Crypto (ETH). 

Please see our instructions on how to buy on Rarible here

Participants must have a funded crypto wallet in order to participate in the sale, and can buy or bid in ETH. If you need to set up a crypto wallet, see the guide here


Wallet: We recommend using MetaMask or WalletConnect for your crypto wallet.

Funds: To participate in the sale or the auction on Rarible, collectors must have pre-funded wallets. Collectors should keep in mind that additional ETH will be needed for gas costs.

brought to you by

Pattie Boyd

This project has been created in close collaboration with Pattie, the iconic muse famous for enlivening one of the most significant periods in the history of music. With this project she hopes to empower collectors to own a tangible piece of that history, and share in her personal recollections.

Zebu Digital

Zebu Digital

A passionate collective of Web3 creatives, designers, marketeers, and music lovers, Zebu Digital have been thrilled to provide consultancy, studio support and promotional firepower to help bring this collection to life.


The launch is in April 2022. The exact date and time will be announced soon. Sign up and stay tuned

The Editions price will be announced on the first day of the sale – 19th of April. The Unique 1/1s and the Collections will be auctioned.

If you buy a Unique 1/1s NFT, you will receive a digital copy of the original photograph, a Pattie’s personal audio recording and a physical C-Type art print (size 16×12 inches)

If you buy a Collection NFT, you will receive 5 randomly selected digital artworks from the whole collection (this to include original photographs, edited and animated versions), and a Pattie’s personal audio recording associated with one of the photographs from the bundle.

If you buy an Edition NFT, you will receive a selected digital artwork.

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